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  1. WIFI Cameras and ability to view outside home network Dear forum colleagues and experts I did a lot of reading to understand how is it possible to have remote viewing of a wifi camera from outside home network. I understand that there is a p2p technology deployed these days to enable simplest configuration. My understanding based on readings: In camera / cam there is a unique ID UID assigned by the manufacturer. When the smartphone app is opened it pings p2p server which looks for listed UIDs and where they are located. If the camera can be pinged, it shows as online, others are offline. Once the cameras are reached, it creates a direct connection between the app and the camera. My question: 1. Who maintains this p2p server? I can understand that companies like foscam dlink etc have resources infrastructure can do so but how come products are available (like spy cams wireless etc) wherein this facility of remote viewing is offered. Who maintains p2p server for them? See list below http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wireless-spy-camera wherein so many products are available? These are unbranded generic unknown brands in most cases yet they work in many cases. So who provides for the p2p technology for them as this p2p server maintenance is required continuously?