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  1. Just have everything running with SIP v3.3: - Videocall to GXV3240 with h264 - Call to Fritzbox phones with preview picture snapshoted when someone pushes the doorbell, also ffmpeg mjpeg solution with low framerate works. - Push notifications with Pushover and Telegram Only thing I really would like is disabling the stupid sounds like "calling now, please wait.." or "end of the call". Was that possible in the SIP fw from April 2017? Another thing is the preview video before answering the call on the GXV3240. Screen remains black until I push "video answer" button on screen. Does that someone have running? Maybe to specific..
  2. @Chris_Allgaeu Having the exact same behaviour, also have the fingerprint reader, but adding new fingerprints does not work for me with SIP firmware 3.3 I also want to go back to the SIP firmware from April 2017 - tcp port 3800 is not listening on the VTO, tcp/37777 is open. ssh access works, but limited only to some commands. idea was to start upgraded daemon so we have tcp/3800 back in action, but no luck.. I read that telnet seems to be disabled in a startup script, no idea how to get this enabled. Were you able to downgrade the firmware lately? Just saw you on some other forums with the same question