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  1. All works well. Main differences so far: 1.sip support for vth5221dw 2. New GUI for 1550ch (attached) 3. New password mechanism 4. Solved my black screen during vth call problem. Versions for vto are 3.3 and vth are 4.2 You can get the versions by following this: http://ftp.asm.cz/Dahua/!!!FIRMWARY%20ZDE!!!.txt
  2. Make sure you didn't put any white or black list in pureview tab (should be disabled). If you did, then you must login from that ip....I have spent 3 hours to fgure it out. In addition, when you first upgraded you should have provided email - this can be used to reset your password.
  3. BTW - there are new 2018 sip versions for vth and vto and now support vth5221dw as well....I will try and keep you posted.
  4. Hi, I have setup 2 vto2000a + raspbx + vth1550 + Cisco PAP2T (ata adapter) + GSWave mobile client Basically when someone call the vto all mobiles ring + all home phones thru the ata which is connected to my analog PBX All works well except the vth1550 showing video when someone call but when I answer the video disappear - audio and unlock OK. Any idea? Thanks.