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  1. Thermocline

    One camera, Two controllers ??

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately accessing the dvr from the laptop would work but the dvr’s PTZ system is pretty basic. I wanted to use the laptop to control some extra functions on the camera, like the wiper for example. I don’t think I can program the dvr for the extra functions. Ultimately my plan was to get a cheap ptz controller with a joystick but I just wanted to check the operation first. Is the idea of paralleling the + and - valid ? My other idea was to use an Arduino to take commands from both controllers and output only one set of commands. I might do away with the ptz controller and use the Arduino to generate the codes I need. Meantime I’m stuck with dvr dvr and the laptop. Thanks
  2. Thermocline

    One camera, Two controllers ??

    Just PTZ software.
  3. Hi I’m using my laptop to control my ptz camera using an RS485 (2 wire) adapter. It works fine. I also would like to use the RS485 signal from my dvr to control the camera (also works fine in isolation) . From what I read it seems that all I should need to do is parallel the + and - wires. Unfortunately only one of the controllers works under these conditions. The laptop is ok but the dvr does not work. I’m assuming that one of the controllers is blocking the signal from the other. Is there a way round this ? Thanks
  4. Hi all I have one of these cameras : http://www.ismart-cctv.com/products/car/PAC_IR_PTZ_53.html The camera is fitted with a wiper but I have no idea what the control codes are for it. I believe the wiper's speed / rate can be set plus of course the wiper can be turned on and off. The camera is Pelco D controlled via RS 485 and as far as I can tell all the main functions are working OK. I contacted the manufacturer but they didn't respond. The manufacturer's website is also lacking in this information. I'd be grateful for any help with this camera. What I really need is a list of codes relative to this camera so I can set up the software. Also: I have not decided what to control the camera with yet. My DVR has the basics and it's useful as it echoes onto my tablet/phone. So I was wondering if it would be possible to have two controllers in series. AFAIK the signal is routed from one device to another and unless the address code matches the data is ignored. So what I was thinking is whether its possible to connect a keypad controller in series with the data line from my DVR. The idea is that either of the controllers could address the camera. If this isn't possible (and I am sure it's not ), can someone recommend a reasonable PC PTZ control package ? Thanks in advance Thermocline
  5. Thermocline

    Hi All

    Hi everyone. I just joined the forum. I'm hoping to learn a lot and perhaps teach something too. Thermocline