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  1. iggy_pop

    Help 163DVR model R2008

    Hi. The problem is the age ..... No support and no internet updates to keep it safe. Did you buy it secondhand No, I actually bought the device as brand new. My fault is because I did not change default password. I even contacted the manufacturer two days ago, but did not respond to my query.
  2. iggy_pop

    Help 163DVR model R2008

    Wooow Is itposible that nobody on this powerful forum knows???
  3. I recently bought dvr. It is DVR163 Model R2008. Everything was working just fine. This morning on each camera window on my display was written "hacked". I restarted device. After that i can not start dvr. There is no signal on my monitor. HDMI & VGA. Power led is on. Hard disk is rolling(can be heard). I don't know what to do. Can anybody please help me. Thank you.