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  1. I guess Avigilon fixed the issue but it takes a while for the motion detection boxes to settle down. At first when we set them up, the red "motion overlay" did not match up with where we put the new boxes. I checked them a week later and now everything is working fine. We put the first detection box as a default which fills the whole screen with sensitivity set at 3 clicks down from max and threshold up 5 clicks up from minimum then 8 smaller detection boxes towards the top of the screen to fill in where the detection falls off and set the sensitivity down 3 clicks from max and threshold 10 clicks from minimum and now it's working perfectly. We get correct motion detection within the entire camera view. Did not have to change anything on the camera itself. Check out the attached pic. I have spoken with Avigilon to see if there is a way to set this as a default for Axis cameras but have not heard anything back. We have 4 different models of Axis cameras throughout the district and they all work great now.
  2. Hello, I am new to the forum so I am hoping for some help. I work for a school district with 59 schools and 7 admin buildings all running Avigilon 6.8. We have a mixture of about half Axis P3367-VE cameras and half Avigilon 5w/9w/12w cameras. We had to set up multiple motion detection boxes at the top of each Axis camera in the Avigilon software to make up for the loss of detection the Axis cameras suffer from from about 20 to 30 feet away from the camera. Everything worked great for the last 2 years. We just upgraded to ACC6 and now we are unable to configure the motion detection boxes the way we want. We set a default box that fills the whole view which works as expected. Motion detection falls off about halfway up the screen so when I added the first smaller box at the top and adjusted it's settings, it also affected the main default box and everything stops recording. I have been on the phone with Avigilon for the last 2 days with no fix. We have tried everything but it looks like ACC6 points it's motion detection settings to Axis's "Motion Detection 1" even though there are 4 different applications to choose from. 4 being the latest and greatest which incorporates pixel motion detection. We also tried disconnecting the camera and adding it back in using the ONVIV driver with no luck. Any help will be greatly appreciated. We have lost recordings on about 2000 cameras and no way to go back to ACC5 where everything worked. Jim
  3. clementsj

    Avigilon View with Axis PTZ

    When you connected the camera in the Connect disconnect screen, did you ONVIF or Axis under Type? I am wondering if you are using the ONVIF driver which is a generic driver that Avigilon created for 3rd party cameras. Try removing the camera, then click on Find Device up in the top left corner. Then change the Device Type: to Axis and put in your ip address, username and password for that camera. You should see your camera in the Discovered devices at the top with Axis as the type instead of ONVIF.
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    Power Supply

    The only thing I would change is how you have the remaining pairs hooked up for power. You have all of the solid colors going to positive and the others to negative. The pairs are twisted together so you have the positive and negative wrapped around each other which could lead to power drops and other issues. Just use 2 of the remaining pairs and keep the like colors together. I would use green/greenwhite for positive and brown/brownwhite for negative. Leave the orange/orangewhite unused. Still getting 2 solid core wires per connection and safer in the long run.
  5. clementsj

    Avigilon View with Axis PTZ

    It sounds like a permissions issue. Go into Setup for the site and then into Users and Groups. Click on the group in which the user that needs the ability to move the camera is associated, then on Edit Group at the bottom. Check to make sure Use PTZ controls is checked under each group that is supposed to have the ability to move the camera. The restricted users group automatically has this unchecked and therefore unavailable for those users. Also, make sure you are logged into a native Avigilon administrator account and not with an account tied to Active Directory or you may not see or have the ability to change the option. Last minute note, you may want to setup a "Return to home" position with a timeout in the web interface. Nothing worse than going into recording to check an event only to find out the camera is facing the wrong direction. Hope this helps
  6. I don't think it's the power that's the issue. You are trying to run data over a 600' run. Gigabit ethernet over cat6 has a max distance of 295' although we have a couple PTZ's at 325 that seem to work ok. I agree with jeromephone. Use another poe switch instead of an extender and you should be fine.
  7. Yes, we have tried that as well. Also tried removing Motion Detection 3 and 4 applications to see if they were running in the background even though they show "Stopped". I have been in contact with tech support and they are helping as much as they can. I just wanted to see if anyone else was having the same issues and if they had resolved them. I'm no longer convinced it's district wide as some of the schools are working fine and some are not. They are doing everything they can short of rewriting the software, which I would to give my input on lol.
  8. Yes, we upgraded all Axis cameras in the district to the latest firmware. We also tried downgrading the firmware back to the earlier version we knew worked.