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  1. Hmmm ok thanks... We have two routers plus the NVR... I will disconnect the NVR and reset the two routers and then redo the bridge After that I will reset the NVR and start it again avoiding the quick start - if it lets me
  2. Hmmm I think I understand... We use a DDNS service already https://www.duckdns.org/ Can I use that? Will this mean that my camera feed is no longer being stored at eee-see net?
  3. We have MAC filtering on our router so we know what's connected before... so easy to identify the camera we have installed.
  4. I've uploaded the user manual for you then you can see... I've had to put the last page in another post...
  5. Did you setup port forwarding..... did you alter your firewall settings for your dvr. Or did you use a QR. Still makes no difference just means the qr code also did local. Which I did say in my post ... but better to setup yourself.. But you have gone off topic .... using data is your problem not local network. So again even tho you don’t like the answer your system is going out to a p2p cloud. ..... because you did not do a safer port forwarding.... do you want to know how to fix it or not ? I have a nvr and I just plugged the lan cable into the router... Not sure what I am fixing now? Yes Please. What should I have done on my router then?
  6. Yeah that's what I thought... But then when you said that - I pulled out the phone wire from the ADSL so it isn't connected to my "China Server" and guess what - It's still working fine - just over my Lan! Are you an expert or have special qualification? Maybe there are some other knowledgeable posters here who could help shine some light on this question
  7. My hubby bought a Loosafe system and then towards the end of the month we got a notification from our ISP telling us we had used nearly 75gb of data... which is a bit unusual for us. He only has one camera connected for testing at the moment We can view it on the phone using this app IP Pro (supposedly using our LAN) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.specialyg.ippro&hl=en But we also noticed we could use this app to view it remotely too whilst we were out somewhere... So the newbie question is how does it normally work? Does it use the LAN when your connected to your home wifi or is it really using the www and and storing everything in the cloud? BTW our NVR came with a 2TB Hikvision Seagate SATA disk - which is recording all the time. That works fine too and we can replay recorded data using the IP Pro app too. Anyway - any help appreciated.
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