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  1. I've figured out what is causing the problem with the rainbow interference. It seems to be a cheap, inferior 4-way power splitter for the cameras. Once I powered cameras separately from other adapters, the interference didn't appear. I will have to shop for a better quality power splitter.
  2. Hi guys. Got a bit of a strange one here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I recently purchased a 4 channel AHD CCTV kit with DVR and 4 x 2MP day/night cameras. No real make or model number. Got some mild ghosting across the channels which is annoying, even after using ground loop isolators. The main issue is this. At night, if some of the cameras have switched over to infra-red, and some are still on normal color mode (eg. area of the house where a light is on outside) there is some horrible colorful rainbow interference that pops up randomly on the channels that are displaying the infra-red video. It is quite bad and very distracting. It comes and goes, like every 5 seconds +-. But if all the channels are displaying infra-red video, the colorful interference is completely gone. This interference also gets recorded onto the hard drive aswell. The cameras are powered by a 12v 1a adaptor which has a 4 way splitter, and the DVR is powered seperately by it's own 12v 1a adaptor. See screenshots: Does anybody have any idea what could be causing this?