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  1. It was the camera power supply should anyone run into this in the future, ordered a replacement off ebay for $15, and fixed the problem.
  2. Went to check my cameras and all have static/snow, some with loss of signal that comes and goes. Tried a new DVR box, same thing. Suggestions? Is it as simple as the power supply to the cameras feeding interference but still sending power? I did order a new power supply to try. I can see picture in cameras, things seem to be functioning properly, just the "snow" or some kind of interference in signal, but it's consistent over all the cameras so I don't think it's one camera or one cable. Q-See systems if it helps. QS-458 and QTH-84, both DVR's same issue.
  3. kerner

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    Have a question or two so joined up to learn me a thing or two about the systems. From Northville, Mi, Detroit Metro Area