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    IR LEDs blow quickly

    OK I can see that you are far more knowledgeable than me. I'd appreciate your recommendations!
  2. Kirk

    IR LEDs blow quickly

    Interesting turn of events. The IR sensor came back to life and is working fine. The camera's I use don't use a cut filter but do use an IR sensor. Obviously I'll continue to monitor but at this point, everything is working great. By the way after considerable due diligence I found a company that I'm very happy with. They are CCTV Camera Pros https://www.cctvsecuritypros.com/ With exception of two dome cameras I use model CSP-1PB4. With other homes I've owned and camera systems I've installed I've never had a problem with LED's
  3. Kirk

    IR LEDs blow quickly

    I've just completed an 11 digital camera installation with NVR. This replaced an old analog system. All have been working great but last night it appears that one camera is having an IR issue. Early this morning, I went out and took a look at the camera. All the LED's were working but when viewing the output, it's very obvious that there is no LED (IR), pick up. A couple of days ago, night vision was perfect. So my question to you is, are your LED's visible at night? If so then we may have a similar problem. My entire system is under warranty but it is a pain to work through replacement. Thanks, Kirk
  4. Kirk

    Newbie from SW Florida

    Just finished installing our new 11 camera IP system and am having problems. I have one camera working and the others look like they are initialized but not displaying. After booting the system, the first screen I see when is "conf.LoginErrorNo-18. I've tried various settings but so far not working. Hope to gain same assistance from this group. Thanks, Kirk, Osprey, FL