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  1. Hi, I have a problem i cannot resolve, if that happended to someone, please say it :). We have 2 lenovo laptop e570 with bosch video client installed and a Lenovo M710Q, i can see the live feed great. But when I want to playback the screen is black on the 3 devices. The techncian verified it with his ASUS laptop and it work with the same version... Someone have a clue? Tried different intel graphic versions. Computer is up to date. Thank you
  2. Good but do you have something from north america (we are french from canada). Googled it but this is from europe. Thank you!
  3. Yes i understand, not free and he's not supported anymore ok but which DVR can be compatible with windows 10 without changing all cameras?
  4. Im french and Im not an expert in DVR, i dont work 40h week on it, i just reconfigure it with ip adresses, forward ip and install it on computer with the given application. Im not the only tech here, they think like me, changing all the DVR because we change to 10 " title="Applause" /> . I know maybe your application wont work anymore on 64bits but no alternative no nothing? Ispy?
  5. I understand but this is not my dvr, im a network tech in a compagny. The costumer dont understand they have to change the camera because they change of windows and I understand it.. thats weird. I contacted the security camera support in my city and they found the old cd of 2008, installed it and the program run... but that's for HRDP and it dont want to connect I want it for HRDE, if you worked for this compagny, do you have it?
  6. Thank you for the help but thats an easy answer He's working great with vista, I have no problem at all with the DVR. Anyone please have it on old CD?
  7. Hi I really need help, im upgrading from vista to windows 10(I change computer) and I need to find the application Honeywell HDRE 4x4 remote acces software. I dig on the web but i find nothing. Someone here find it somewhere? Thank you!