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  1. Anyone know the current part number for the PTZ-W470A block camera contained inside? I have an older version and it references on a sticker 940056, but I know that has been superseded with a new number for the 36x block camera. And that is what I need to order, a new block camera for this unit. Thanks. Here is a link to the camera itself, but I don't need the whole unit. https://www.cctvcamerapros.com/Outdoor-PTZ-Security-Camera-p/ptz-w470a.htm
  2. srodster

    PTZ-W470A Outdoor PTZ Security Camera

    I'm listening. What do you suggest that has at least the 36x or higher zoom? And if it's possible to get a replacement block camera, and cheaper than a new camera, that may have to be the option for the moment. Appreciate the help.