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  1. giancai

    help for update

    Other problem not arrived photo alarm push,bit only email....why?
  2. giancai

    help for update

    hi.... because not read only hard disk western digital, but if i install hard disk on another dvr 7008 or 7016 or on pc the hard disk work normally. if i install on the 7004t another hard disk seagate, toshiba.....work normally also the 7004t... i think that upgrade resolve my problem....i hope.... you can help me?
  3. giancai

    help for update

    hi all the forum.... i have a dvr with xmeye software and i would like update. the model is ahb 7004T lm v3 with chip hi3520, and software now installed V4.02.R11.52431191.10001.231900.00000 it's possible help me for try or if you have a update of my dvr? i great and best regards. thanks advance
  4. giancai

    Help for logo

    Hi all the forum....sorry if i answer....i have a various dvr that used app xmeye, and mainboard xiongmai. It's possible change boot logo start on dvr? Thanks Advance and best regards.
  5. i have a dvr of each italy, but i don't remember password admin.... it's possible can help me??? the web gui it's about Xiongmai.... please i wait your reply about.... thanks advance