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  1. Thanks Tom - will give it a whirl much appreciated Damian
  2. Hi all My DVR sounds like a freight train running at full power. It's so loud that I have to turn it off all the time Can anyone recommend an 8 channel DVR that is pretty quiet please - before I rip this one out before I beat my self unconscious with it ?! Its badged as a Lorex LHV1000 Series - bought from Maplins 18 months ago Please help - its doing my nut in !!!! ta
  3. Hi I have a Lorex LHV1000 system with 8 x Lorex LBV121 series 720P HD cameras (from Maplins) The images are pretty good when viewed on my computer screen connected to the LHV1000 BUT, the system will not record anything at all - just view them, and when running, the DVR is SO loud its virtually useless. Also the FLIR Cloud software hardly ever works. I only bought this 15 months ago and would have asked for a refund from Maplins but they are now closed down. So my ask is: Can you recommend another DVR box that I can connect to my installed cameras, that is quiet-ish and some remote viewing s/w that actually works. As you can see Im new to all this, but I did install this all myself!! thanks in advance