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  1. bDog

    UV damage on Hikvision dome

    Ok that might have been what went wrong. I spoke via live chat to a Hikvision representaive last night ... the English was a little broken I think she was saying to use only a "cotton cloth" without water or detergents. Anyone do this?
  2. bDog

    UV damage on Hikvision dome

    Well now that the dome has been rotated it's working like new so it seems that the camera itself is good. I had been all these years cleaning the dome with glass cleaner, perhaps that's not the best option.
  3. Hi all, I have had a problem with night vision on my Hikvision camera as others have mentioned previously in this forum. The difference is that cleaning it made no difference and while the day picture was pretty normal there was a slight haze even then. The night images were totally washed out. My tech fixed it by rotating the dome about the camera 180 degrees. He suspected that it could be a result of UV damage on the dome over the three years it's been up - it does get the harsh afternoon sun here in Auckland during the summer. Does anyone know about said UV damage to these domes? Also any advise about what to use for cleaning the dome would be appreciated. Thanks in advance