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  1. Hi everyone I need to "connect" my Dahau VTO2000 to my home-system. I use the "open door" to detect the open door signal and the tell my home system to open the door (Wireless Switch Detector. But I really need a way to detect if someone pressed the "ring" button. Does anyone know where I could grab the "signal". I tried to solder 2 wires to the button but there I get only 3.3V- Any help appreciated. MikeLima
  2. Hi Since I updated to latest firmware the fingerprint doesn't work anymore: When I try to register a fingerprint the station tells me: Succesfully read fingerprint, but the webend shows: Fingerprint collect failed. Any advice ? Thanks very much in advance Mike
  3. Hi everyone For technical reasons I had to switch from Asterisk to 3CX. Did anyone succesfully connect the VTO with 3CX ? Is there a step by step guide or any other resource available ? Help is appreciated very much. Mike