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  1. Hi All I am niceic spraky and just now start with access control. My customer change big room office for presentation room: sound system, massive TV, dimmable lights, new circuit for sockets outlet&lights. They have existing Paxton access control system in all building&factory What they want is switch on/off all electricity in presentation room after using card inside the room. I was connect new Paxton Net2 AN1088 to existing system and everything works fine. What I need now is install relay to sockets mine ring and lights, my problem is I haven't any idea which kind off relay I should to use. Can any one do it like that and help me please Customer told me that they want that same like in hotels I just need to know which relay I should use P.S I was spoke with Paxton already and they not supply relays and to be honest they haven't idea which one is good also " title="Applause" /> Thank you for attention guys