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  1. supermanotorious

    Bayit camera on Night Owl NVR?

    I know the Bayit works on 2.4GHZ wifi and the Night Owl is a 2.4GHZ signal, I figure there has got to be a way to hack it but I can't find anything online
  2. supermanotorious

    I want a camera that doesn't require Wi-fi

    I have a Bayit outdoor wifi camera that records to a SD drive, you'd need a network cord to plug in to your computer to set it up and mine came with one, once you're set up, you can manually retrieve the SD card to view but it's not convenient to remove the drive.
  3. I have the Bayit outdoor wifi camera which is almost identical to the Night Owl cameras that came with the WNVR20B41 kit. I understand Night Owl uses a proprietary wireless signal to communicate with the cameras, is it possible to link my Bayit camera to the NVR?
  4. supermanotorious

    newb in New River Arizona

    Hello ya'll, I'm getting in to CCTV more seriously these days. I've long used iCam and iCamsource to make use of my older iDevices and keep an eye on the inside of my house, now I have an outdoor wifi camera and a Night Owl system and will post some questions regarding them. I am a professional installer of home theater/automation so I can answer your questions on that front.