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    I want a camera that doesn't require Wi-fi

    That's very interesting! Thank you for that information and recommendation. I guess I should have noted that I wasn't looking to spend alot of money. Maybe up to $100 or so. I've seen cameras such as the one my neighbor has pointed at me: https://www.amazon.com/YI-Wireless-Security-Surveillance-Auto-Cruise/dp/B01CW4BG4K which cost only about $40 and was hoping to get something similar, but without the need to have Wi-fi and internet access. Sorry about that link above not being clickable. I don't know how to fix that.
  2. I've been having problems with my next door neighbor who lives just 5 feet away (yes, the houses were built that close together in the late 1800s) and they have a camera pointed at my house and over my fence into my fenced in backyard. It turns out that it's legal. There have been many other problems with the neighbor that I won't go into here including harassment and constantly calling the police on me, but to keep a very long story short, I just want to be able to catch them in the act of what things they've been doing so I can have the evidence I keep being told by the police that I'd need to be able to do anything about it. Now, about cameras: I've been shopping around and discovering that pretty much all of them operate by detecting motion and then sending notifications to a smartphone. They are also controlled by smartphone apps through Wi-fi and an internet connection. The major problem I have is that I don't have internet service in my home. I've asked people on Youtube who were demonstrating cameras I was interested in and they tell me that Wi-fi is necessary not only to operate the camera, but even to set it up. What I'd like to get is a camera that records video when motion is detected, and stores it on a memory card that I can review later. As for adjusting various settings, perhaps they could be done by connecting it to my laptop with a USB cable or some other method. Does such a camera exist? I've heard of using a trail camera for this purpose, but I don't think they can be adjusted for motion detection sensitivity, which is something I might need to do if it's to be used outside.