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  1. reggie.trevvett

    Harrogate/Knaresborough CCTV Installer Please

    Hi Tom, it's a warehouse/office unit with 13 cameras indoors/outdoors. It had a Vista CCTV system fitted in 2011 but the Vista SmartDisc used for remote monitoring seems to have an issue meaning that the remote monitoring can't shout down the PA system... Thanks Reg
  2. Hello, I have a job for a local CCTV engineer replacing a Vista SmartDisc on a commercial install. I also do some work myself on weekends installing some electrics and CCTV so would like to get in touch with a local CCTV pro to share ideas with Thanks Reg
  3. Hello, I have been asked to add a couple of cameras to a fairly old Vista DVR. First one is a IR camera that needs to have a clear vision of a gate 50m away, the other is a PTZ camera with IR vision of a car park stretching up to 150m. Any suggestions or ideas of which cameras would do the trick and would be compatible with the DVR? Thanks! Reg