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  1. Dear All, Please could I have some advice on the following, I'm new to CCTV and the below is a proposed setup by a crane supplier: We have 4 x 700 TVL Cameras being fed into an Axis 4 Channel Encoder which supports max resolution of D1 at 15fps per stream. I need to stream these in a quad view on a 27" Dell 1080p monitor. My question is what is the best setup for these: Do I adjust the monitor resolution and aspect ratio so that the streams are not stretched? As a 1920x1080 resolution monitor split into 4 would be approx. 960 x 540, whereas the D1 resolution is 720 x 480 I am a little lost as to how to set this out, I'm sure you experts will laugh and give me a simple answer to make this setup most effective with the best quality possible with what hardware I have to play with. Good to make note that the 4 x 700 TVL analogue cameras are not changeable as per the agreed specification. Therefore what I have is what I have got to play with. Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thank you all in advance.