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  1. Hi, I just had a HIK vision system installed with 5 external dome cameras (i may add 2 in future). I am looking to improve the video quality, against each camera, however in the camera settings in the software on the NVR, the drop down value for video quality will not change from "medium"? Other options are greyed out. I am a newbie, sorry if this is very basic, just need some guidance, i have attached a screenshot of the settings so any tips would be appreciated. Questions i have are. Q. what should the max bit rate be? i am thinking mine is a little low? Q. will my cameras support 265+? should i tick this box. that says enable H265+ Q. frame rate maximum is 15ps, i cant increase but think his should be ok. Q. anything else i should tweak When i say improve the video quality the video lacks a bit of detail and say when plants are blowing in the wind you get a bit of blurry and say shingle on a driveway the picture keeps trying to re-adjust every few secs. Setup: Cameras: 5x HIK Vision Dome/DS2CE56D8T-ITM, Lens Type:2.8mm Fixed Lens with IR LEDs DVR: HIK Vision DS-7208HQHI 3TB disk All connected via Cat 5 to DVR