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    Remote viewing problems

    I recently purchased a Foscam 18910W security camera used from someone. I tried to install it myself but had to turn to tech support for help. They remotely accessed my home computer to set up my static IP address and my external address. Everything was working fine. We went to visit relatives in Indiana, approx 400 miles away from home, connected to their wifi and tried to view our camera. It would not connect. Since returning home, I can't remotely view my camera feed. Help!! We also would like to know what we have to do to take our camera in our motorhome so that we can keep an eye on our pets while away from the motorhome. I was told that we would need to hardwire an access point to the camera with a CAT5 cable. We are leaving to go camping next week. Help!!!! I'm starting to wonder if this whole situation is hopeless.