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  1. fencible39

    Bad Video Baluns??

    Turns out I lost two cameras in a t-storm. All of the baluns weren't bad it seems, just one. Real happy I got it up and running and that the tougher CAT5 cable should last longer against the mice. Dave
  2. fencible39

    Bad Video Baluns??

    My original post didn't get any attention so I decided to do some testing. I used a 10' piece of Cat5 outdoor 23awg cable and connected power connectors to both ends and VIMVIP screw terminal pigtail style baluns to each end, and used a new camera spare. While the power is going from one connector to the other, hooking the camera to one end and one end to the dvr doesn't work at all. I purchased the baluns from Amazon (16 pack) and wonder, could they all be bad? Doesn't make sense that they would be but I ordered a different maker set to see what happens. Anyone have any ideas? Dave
  3. fencible39

    Newbie to CCTV forum needs help

    Hi, I've had an 8-camera cctv setup (NightOwl) at my home for the past 14+ years. I've updated dvrs several times. I always had used plug & play method of connection, but one camera is around 160' from the dvr and I had a lot of problems getting a good picture. 1 1/2 year ago I switched to CAT5 cable (outdoor), and video baluns. About a month ago a mouse chewed through the cable shorting things out. I ran some much better CAT5 cable (23 gauge and with a better shielding) to out back but I haven't been able to get the camera working. I am using a wall wart transformer (12.6v) and that is what is going out. I am getting 11.95volts at the camera and that is after doubling the + and - power twisted pairs. On that last cable which was thinner I had only run one twisted pair for the camera and one for power but it worked fine for that 1 1/2 year. Can someone help me with suggestions as to how I can get this going? I have ordered new outdoor waterproof baluns. Do I have enough power reaching the camera at 11.95v? This is the only CAT5 camera. The outlet on the dvr works with another camera. I would really appreciate your help as there are no CCTV installers anywhere near me or I would have them fix it. Dave