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  1. Struggling to find some good quality cameras... The more I read online and forums, the more I get confused and what to get.... I tried out the packaged Swann NHD818's... but their quality at night isn't the greatest.. Close distance fine however 3-5 meters across the road was terrible and couldn't even make out the person walking by etc (ghosting effect)... Not even worth having cameras for night if it were like this..... From what I've read online... It looks like Hikvision seems to make some good cameras. I'm needing the help of the community professionals and point me in the right direction.... Basically have a budget of about $2,000-$2,500 AUD, which I'm wanting to include about 5 or 6 Cameras. I'm looking for some quality Cameras, especially where my house faces the corner main road and street.... the Swann cameras didn't cut it for this... I'm hoping there's something out there to give me enough clarity to see across the street and actually make out what is there or the number plate of vehicles if something goes wrong, especially at night time. I was even thinking getting a PTZ to place it at the garage end of the house where the street is more visible. .. but not sure if it's worth it... I'm getting confused with the 2MP, 4MP, 8MP cameras... I assumed higher MP, better distance and quality... but I've seen 2MP with zoom and better lens better then 8MP in some comparison videos... but very hard to tell. It's hard to make a choice when there are so many Hikvision cameras out there. If anyone suggests anything other then Hikvision, I'm all eyes I've done a little drawing of the house and the cameras setup thinking of doing. I'm hoping after a few hours and your replies I'd get more clarity and know exactly what to get... Thanks ALL!