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  1. dalis

    Adding Cameras

    Hi all, this has been bugging for so long. I have a Q-See QC9116 DVR with cameras and wanted to add more cameras. This system is a HD Analog with BNC connectors. I ordered some cameras from china which they say are AHD but I don't get any picture. Talked to their tech support and tried moving some wires like they said. They said it's a analog and AHD camera. But they still couldn't get it going on my system. I had a friend with a cctv tool to check and the camera does work on AHD settings. But what is my problem? China uses a different AHD system or is there a difference between AHD and HD Analog? Should I try to purchase them somewhere else?
  2. Was wondering if Analog Cameras that I had with my analog system work with an Analog HD QSee system?