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  1. I want to introduce you the program to show the RTSP sources in one window. It can be useful for join different IP-Cam/IP-NVR/Analog-NVR systems to one workplace. If you like it, please, let me know... because I don't know, should I keep work on it, or not. "RTSP Camera VLC Mosaic View" github.com/grigory-lobkov/rtsp-camera-view is based on popular open source video viewer, called "VLC". So, you can add any stream/source, even a file. Features: - expanding the entire window by double-clicking on the stream - automatic switching to high / low resolution stream - support for command line parameters - launching on the screen with the specified number, full-screen'ed - customizable source name - alert on video lost Thank you.
  2. Port forwarding. First, make all cameras ports different from each other, for example: HTTP: 8080, 8081, 8082, 8083 RTSP: 1554, 1555, 1556, 1557 e.t.c. (each port you will find in settings) Then, you can forward the ports through the router. The feature is you need to have the same ports on the camera and on the router external IP. I did it.
  3. Grigory

    PSS Software issue

    POOLEYR, connect some monitor to your laptop, open PSS on this monitor (you can drag shortcut first) and do all config manipulations. When everething will be "Ok", just disconnect the second monitor and use PSS cropped. Or you can use another software to view your NVR sources. Just, you need to find out each stream connect string: Single channel streaming Several channel streaming
  4. Grigory

    CCTV Design (4 x D1 Streams) - 1 Screen

    If you have PC, you can install VLC, open the RTSP stream of Encoder, you didn't provide model, example: https://www.axis.com/files/manuals/um_m7014_54168_en_1310.pdf rtsp://<ip>/axis-media/media.amp Change the Aspect Ratio in player. You can make a shortcut for simple access "C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" rtsp://<ip>/axis-media/media.amp --aspect-ratio 3:5 P.S. Check that RTSP is enabled under System Options > Network > TCP/IP > Advanced P.P.S. If you won't find RTSP string, you can try this method: github.com/grigory-lobkov/rtsp-camera-view/wiki/NVR-RTSP-stream-string
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    Best p2p software

    Here's a small how-to instruction, you can start from any step. IP address To determine the IP address of your IP camera, connect to your router and watch for DHCP client list. You should create an address reservation on router or config a static IP on your camera. ONVIF parameters Download an "Onvif Device Manager" sourceforge.net/projects/onvifdm/ Install it and run. It will show you the list of your cameras. Choose one. Click "Live Video" in the middle. On the right you will see your camera video, below the video there is a string to connect your camera over RTSP. For example: rtsp:// If this string won't work, add some creditionals to URL: rtsp://admin:mypass@ View RTSP stream You can use some video players to show this stream. I'm using VLC. You can play URL in VLC: Open "Media" - "Open network stream" - "Network", put your URL here, "Play". You can add URL to VLC shortcut: "C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" rtsp://admin:mypass@ RTSP multi streaming If you have some cameras, you can use different programs to show your streams. I'm using rtsp-camera-view(WinXP-10). It's Free, OpenSource, based on VLC 2.1.5. You can download it from github.com/grigory-lobkov/rtsp-camera-view/releases Does it help for you?