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  1. hi i have now fitted small fan over processor and now works fine , it must be a desine fail in NOT including fan over said processor... cheers
  2. Hi i have Kare h264 ccvt poe 4xcam system which was working fine ., but six mouths ago it keeps switching off for no reason , all settings was correct , so i put it down to heat , so installed small fan over processor which seem to work for a few mounts , but now just keeps going off , help lol ( is it time for new box) cheers Rog.
  3. hi tom i have changed hard drive for new one so that is clear and the unit is in the coldest room in house so its not that ! its very strange .....lol. thanks for input tho ... cheers
  4. Hi i have a KARE H 264 4 camera system Keeps switching OFF its been running fine , but latly it keeps swithing off every 3rd day or so very strange can any body shed some light on this problem i have ? cheers and thanks ... legs