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  1. ped078

    DVR that saves pictures?

    Well.. Iv'e now bought a Qvis Viper, once that arrives I'll let you know how it goes with it. Ped
  2. ped078

    DVR that saves pictures?

    Yeah I was thinking Moreton Alarms but sheesh their expensive! , but anyways I'll look into it. Thanks.
  3. ped078

    DVR that saves pictures?

    Thanks Tom, I'm actually in Wallasey myself, and I know the area you mean, whats the address? Basically I have a front door (to the flats I live in, which has a good quality camera...and that's what I want it for, so it only needs to be one channel, but I guess they start at 4? Regards
  4. ped078

    DVR that saves pictures?

    @Tom, every time I search for that phrase, it comes up with dash cams? @Papa , that's massively overkill for what I need, but thanks. Ped
  5. Hi, what a great forum, you guys could have saved me a few headaches over the years! Anyways a while ago I was in the now Defunct Maplins and they had DVR's there that saved .jpgs of faces that came into it's field of view, as well as recording to hard drive, but I never wrote down the model no's ect.. Does anyone know any DVR's that do this?. I want to save the faces of people who come to my door, without trawling through hours of footage. Thanks in advance. Ped