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  1. Folks, I've been banging my head against a wall trying to find cameras with a certain combination of specifications. I really need these because there are going in multiple locations and I need all systems to be identical simply for ease of management. I need the cameras to have: -POE -Built In Mic -At least 1080p / 2.0 MP -At least 90 degree wide viewing angle. -Needs to have a native single cable install (cat) (baluns are not an option due to installation restrictions) And....prefer, but not required: -Bullet Type -Small footprint NVR (e.g. only one ethernert port...will supply my own POE switch) -Available on Amazon Any suggestions GREATLY appreciated. ----------------------------------- Example of a Cam that is very close: This cam works great (have used in another install)....has the 90 viewing angle, but no POE or built in mic. https://www.amazon.com/Evtevision-Camera-Bullet-Weatherproof-Outdoor-Fits/dp/B01M8NNLIJ