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    Need guidance on server build and GPU decoding.

    Heyo, I'm pretty new to all this so forgive me when I inevitably ask a dumb question or spew too much unneeded information. I have lots of experience building consumer/enthusiast PCs but not much when it comes to server grade hardware. Some context if needed: I work IT for a company that does in-home care for the Special Needs community. We currently own/operate 60-70 homes and growing, all with Geovision cameras for remote monitoring of the residents and staff/care-givers. At the moment, we have DVRs (mostly Lenovo ThinkCentres) in every home. Due to the growing scale of our organization, we want to retire the DVRs and funnel the footage into one big remote server. So, going off of GV's hardware requirements, my boss and I are leaning toward something with an i7-7700 or better and 32GB of RAM. My boss is very interested in a dual Xeon setup but neither of us know if GV's software plays well with a dual-CPU and huge core count server. We've tried checking but can't seem to find any information on the subject. So question #1: Does Geovision play well with Dual Xeon/huge core count servers? Does their software take advantage of a high core count or will it just utilize 2-4 cores and leave the remaining cores untouched? Question 2: GPU decoding. If we slap a GTX 1060 in the server to assist the CPU with decoding, how big of a load will that take off our CPU? Is a GTX 1060 even adequate enough for a noticeable performance increase? Should we bump up to a GTX 1080 or Titan XP instead? Any assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated! If you need any more information, please don't hesitate to ask.