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  1. desieinstein

    Starvis vs Hikvision

    Hi When well lit: https://www.cctvfirst.co.uk/images/www.cctvfirst.co.uk/rot/img/59a69037c88ea.jpg https://www.cctvfirst.co.uk/images/www.cctvfirst.co.uk/static/Sony%20Starvis_1.jpg Do you recon then I should go with the Hikvision system? Regards
  2. desieinstein

    Starvis vs Hikvision

    Hi everyone I am due to fit a coax system to my home.. and am unsure if I should go with a camera with a sony starvis sensor IMX290, or a hikvision setup? The starvis system costs £150 more than the hikvision but can record colour at night. The hikvision cameras I weas thinking of is: Hikvision DS-2CE56D8T-IT3 This is the starvis camera: http://www.247stock.co.uk/cctv-cameras/1080p-sony-starvis-cameras/sony-starvis-mini-36mm-lens-ball-dome-white Hikvision system is around £200 and starvis is around £350, both with a 1080p 25fps dvr. What reccomendations do you guys have? Is it better to go with hikvision?
  3. I am looking to get a Hikvision HD-TVI system with the 7204 HUHI DVR. I am unsure if I should get the 2MP cameras (eg Hikvision DS-2CE56D7T-ITM)- and record them at the 25fps rate... or get the 5MP cameras (eg Hikvision DS-2CE56H1T-ITME ).. but instead of recording at 5MP, record them AT 1080P/2MP so it can capture more FPS. Price wise they are similar I was reading somewhere that the 5mp cameras have a different resolution than the 2MP cameras. I also saw this video on youtube where the 5MP looks worse than the 2mp camera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilVVXqGTGhw. Please could anyone offer any advice? Regards