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  1. MatrixComsec

    No NVR IP cam system design

    It is possible in two types of implementation. 1) Single Location : You Can use VMS software to connect directly with Camera. Recording will happen on Camera memory card and view will be using VMS Smart client for all the camera. Recording can happen on VMS Recording Server or can happen on Camera memory card. Using Smart client you can view all the cameras on a single display. No need of NVR. 2) Multi-location : You will need to connect just cameras at all the branch or multi-location offices. centrally it will get connected with Matrix VMS solution. No need of recorder at all branch offices Camera will be get connected using Push Technology to central location without any public IP at local location. Need only one public IP at central location on VMS Server. All cameras can be viewed at local branch offices using Matrix Smart Client (stream will flow from Local to central and then will get steam on local smart client). From central location you can have command and control center for all camera viewing. Solution By Matrix Comsec Let us know if this solution is helpful to you also let us know a good contact no. to connect and we will help you in this regards
  2. You can use the Matrix CENTRA Access Control System. The Software & Hardware are made in India . We have done many big projects and the biggest of them all is Approx 1200 Readers & 70000 Users on a Single System . We have an Integrate utility we offer for free to Integrate with 3rd party software.
  3. MatrixComsec

    New building

    You can use a Matrix VEGA CAX Terminal that comes with a 3.5'' touch screen which have Keypad/fob reader in a single gang. This Terminal Supports Wiegand output. This is IP65 certified so good for Outdoor Installation also.
  4. Hello We have a solution for the same with Auto Push & Auto Template distribution Technology that help distrbute the template easily for mutli-location solution . You will need only one server for Multi-Location for all your 10 Branches Visit us at www.MatrixComsec.com to know more