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  1. Around 2012-2013 I purchased and installed a Swann HDR8-8200 8 channel DVR system that is unfortunately an outdated SDI system. That said, the system has worked reasonably well. I have 7 1080P bullet cameras, and one 20x zoom PTZ camera. I like the PTZ camera. The system is very cleanly installed and all of the wiring is hidden behind the walls. That said, I could run the wiring for IP camera for all but one of the cameras, which was wired when I had the drywall out of one of the rooms, and then I spray foamed the ceiling and walls after the wiring was done. So I have 8 BNC cables in place. The old Swann SDI DVRs are extremely rare these days. I'd like to fix or replace mine, but I'm not sure what all is wrong with it. I know one of the hard drives is failing. Manual for the system I have: https://www.swann.com/downloads/product/2299M88200H210313E_web.pdf PTZ Camera: https://www.swann.com/us/coshd-d1080x1 Options 1. Fix the system I have. Not sure how feasible that will be yet. 2. Find a comparable DVR that supports SDI such as a Hikvision or Dahua. I'm fine with this option if there's something available that supports my PTZ camera and has an app I can use remotely. Installation will be easy since all the cameras and wiring are already in place. 3. Start over with a newer system that can still use the BNC cables. May lose the PTZ option. Would still be going with an older technology, but seems less expensive than the IP option. 4. Bite the bullet and start over with an IP system. Thanks in advance. I welcome any suggestions.