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  1. Does anyone have a good recommendation for cams inside refrigerated storage? Like for produce and such.. Thanks!
  2. EspLowVoltage

    3 DVRs 2 USERS

    has anyone run into the same scenario? Any ideas?
  3. EspLowVoltage

    Set Up iVMS-4200

    I wish there was a better client software than IVMS something lighter, just for live view and playback
  4. EspLowVoltage

    48 Cams @ 4MP TVI - 18 month storage!!

    I ended up using a Hik NVR 5MP with H.265+ with 2 internal 8TB and (4) eSata more. monitoring the storage capacity to see it'll store all 18 months by calculating the average of every 10 days.
  5. I got a request to store 18 months of video in a large food processing place. They currently have 48 analog cameras with (3) analog DVRs. I've been asked to provide better resolution cameras, repurposing the existing Siamese cable. So my solution is to go 4MP TVI with (3) Hikvision H265+ recorder. Using an external storage array or eSata, with at least 8 bays with 10TB per bay for a total of 80TB per DVR Any other ideas ?? Some of my questions are: Can I add more HDD as the time goes by, like one every 1 month or so? Does eSata support H265+ ? (I'm sure it does because the DVR does the compression and just store it) Is there a 48 TVI channel DVR that supports H265+ ? Thanks!!
  6. EspLowVoltage

    South Calif Low Volt contractor

    Hello, My name is Sal and I do contract work in many low voltage aspects. Long installation list already under my resume, built excellent relationships along the way. My web page is under construction still but you can check it out here: www.ESP-contractor.com Cheers!