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  1. This is what I'm seeing from the native file exported from Avigilon. The system was previously using a H264 analogue encoder with no issues regarding picture break up.
  2. Hi Anyone come across this before? Picture attached shows a vehicle leaving slowly. Axis p3367 @1600x1200 9.6Mbps via a 3COM Baseline Switch 2426 poe, Computer has a RTL8169 realtek gigabit pci card, intel xeon x5550 2.67GHz. 4gig RAM Only one other camera is also being recorded which is a HIKVISION 2CD2032 All so happens on the other camera when motion is recorded. Thoughts? Cheers
  3. Looks very good, any chance of a night time video with movement in it?
  4. Thanks for the prompt replies. Just using a readynas duo at the moment, a larger NAS is being looked at with the iSCSI in mind. Most useful comments from you all. Thanks
  5. I have a server running the control centre software. The software is able to see the hardrive installed on the server, the mapped NAS is not visible. I am able to schedule backups to it though. Can any one point me in the right direction to get this to work or will it only see drives attached internally to the server? Thanks
  6. Yes, it's the old brick style power supply unit with internal fans.
  7. DS2A DX16 320GB Upgraded original drive to a Seagate SV35.2 500gb drive a number of years ago. Unit has been operational since. Over the weekend I found that there was a grey video o/p from the main monitoring o/p. As I was unable to access any menu system, so I had to pull power to reboot. On reboot no boot up sequence. Removed hard drive, contents accessible, so I backed up. Replaced with original 320gb Deathstar, same issue, no boot loader sequence. Checked voltage into hard drive, 0v. Tried a separate power supply to just power drives up, this would only work when the ide cable was disconnected from the main board. Tried the unit on another DM power supply, still no boot up. Am I right in thinking that the boot up system is stored on the hard drive and not on board. Anyone come across this before? Thanks
  8. DS2A DX16 320GB Re posted as did not notice this was a sticky thread
  9. Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes they are indeed the ones off ebay. I did start off with a 4amp supply, which after reading your comments may have explained the problem I had. The heatsinks on the rear of the illuminator got so hot they couldnt be touched for anything longer than a second. I'm am awaiting a reply from Derwent as to what the supply voltage/current should be. Im not sure how responsive they are to end user tech questions. I was very pleased with the output coverage considering they are probably near the end of their life. I did manage to find the consumption for the power supply 50W nominal on full power (external) 40W nominal on low power (internal) How did you get to the 3amp supply limit? Increasing it or a good guess. Thanks once again for the reply. Jay
  10. Hi Ive got a couple of Uniflood LED Illuminators, however I dont have the power supply. Im struggling to find any tech data on the PSU LED V2, which is the power supply shipped with them. Do any of you know what the supply voltage is for these units? I understand there is some sort of current limiting switch to allow the illuminators to be in either high or low power. Any help would be much appreciated. Jay
  11. I see that segate have introduced surveillance drives that are 'designed' for 24/7 usage. ST3500630AV Anyone read any reviews or used these drives yet? Dminstaller, what cache size did you use when you upgraded the drives you mentioned above? For those that maybe interested, ive been running with the above drive for a cpl of months now, and its been excellent. If anything remote playback has been faster, though this may have been down to the original drive being on its way out (few times the unit had locked up and required a hard reset)
  12. I see that segate have introduced surveillance drives that are 'designed' for 24/7 usage. ST3500630AV Anyone read any reviews or used these drives yet? Dminstaller, what cache size did you use when you upgraded the drives you mentioned above?
  13. dewalty

    Dedicated Micros DS2 Email config

    Nice work Sir Flannel In fact what was needed was the DNS server of the router that the ds2 was connected to. So for future searches:- at the c: prompt type ipconfig/all make a note of your DNS server. This is then entered into the delivery address, with DNS ticked. All I need now is a email address that sends sms notification of receipt of tagged emails. Cheers
  14. Hi, 1st post, so I hope I get this right! Recently got a ds2, have got all of the functions I need working except the email. Ive searched in here for smtp setup but I didnt find anything. Does anyone else know how it should be setup? As the unit is at home, there is no dedicated email server. I have the smtp address of outgoing email from my isp, but this isnt in the form of an IP. Thanks in advance to anyone taking timeout to reply. Cheers Jay