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  1. Hi, I'm pretty new in DVR set up but here goes. I have a number of Pinetron DVR that have been set up in my office, now the only issue that i am having is the NTP time. I have tried googling up the steps "https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1012736/Pinetron-Ahd1k-Series.html?page=60#manual" it seems pretty straight forward, but after inserting the Malaysia NTP server my.pool.ntp.org and the other recommended NTP server e.g. asia.pool.ntp.org, pool.ntp.org , 0.pool.ntp.org and 1.pool.ntp.org all of them results to failure. NOTE i also have given all my DVR IP full internet service via our firewall, just in case. Can someone out there advise me what im doing wrong?