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  1. But sonia and videodaemon are much bigger than firmware. I guess they are not updated if flashing via tftp. Don't know if that's important. Thanks for jitsi, it works! Yes, rtsp works ok I can't find Security tab in my V4 interface. But as I said, it's not a problem for my setup
  2. Hi, I got few questions. If I upgrade via tftp (which I already mastered :) ), sonia.zip and VideoDaemon.zip from new firmware are not uploaded to VTO. Is it a problem? What they are for? Currently I have 2018-06-06 V4.000.0000000.1.R version installed. Basically everything works, but I can't manage to get video stream. In MicroSIP on desktop I get green screen with some dots. On mobile I just can't find a client that works with video. I had working video once, but I can't remember what was the program on android, i tried few, then left for a month :) Now none of programs on mobile even try to show video. Also, though not very important to me, openDoor command in api results in "Error Bad Request!" reply. Also no advices about early media video? Thanks!
  3. Hello. Does anyone know, if I use VTO2000A-F fingerprint scanner, is it possible to get any notification via API (http request or any other type) about what user have just been authenticated and door opened?