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  1. donotcon

    Floureon-Samsung question.

    Thanks for the quick reply. Do you think the Floureon box will be as reliable as the Samsung one? The cameras were supplied as "Sony". They came with a user manual which is in terrible English. It says they have Sony image sensor.(1/3 Mega Pixel IR-CUI CMOS SONY). There is no makers name on the manual or box.The box has"HD CAM AHD IP TVI DIS". I'm begining to think that the £800 charged for supply and fitting of the 5 cameras and box was a little high? Thanks again.
  2. Hi I'm new to CCTV but very interested and will be doing installs on my properties soon but need some help after a firm installed CCTV at my house. The firm supplied a DVR 8 channel box with "Floureon H 264" on the front. They said they were installing a "Samsung" box which, looking generally, are a lot more expensive than Floureon ones. When questioned they said not to worry the Floureon box supplied had the Samsung software on it. Have I be conned? Thanks in advance.