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  1. Hello all, I mentioned in the welcome section that I recently purchased an Amcrest security system for my mother's house. I just opened up the NVR, one of the cameras, the crimping kit and about 3' of the Cat6 spool I got. The kit come with an interesting crimper that I can only assume works as designed, a bag of zip ties, 100 connectors and a very cheap looking network cable tester. I decide to try my hand at crimping on the connectors to the the cable after carefully stripping the outer layer and using scissors to peel back the inner layer exposing the 4 twisted pairs. Straightened them out by hand, trimmed them back to about 3/4" and shoved them into the connector, making sure they seat all the way in and did the same to the other end, also making sure the cables match color wise. The tester gave me the green lights. I felt accomplished. And then immediate mistrust as I plugged the camera into the NVR that I installed the hard drive into. The IR lights come on when I cover the camera, however, I got nothing on the screen. No IP when searching for device, nothing on the app they have. I made a second cable, exactly the same way, same tools and parts. And this time, it functions. For those who don't like reading my stories, my question is this: What would cause the camera to receive power but not transmit data? I do notice that this direct burial Cat6 is a lot more rigid than what I'm used to. Would that create problems in transmission if the connectors I'm using can't pierce the wires properly? Is that a thing? Anything helps. Thanks, YeeWin
  2. So I’m finally back home from my travels but only for a weekend. Just to verify: I should be using either the A or B standard color pattern. Do I need to make both ends match? Or mirror the pattern. Also, I stumbled across the crossover pattern, would that be useful for my situation since I’m running straight from the camera to the nvr? Any thing helps. Thank you in advance!
  3. My apologies, but due to my inexperience, I'm not sure what you mean by jack/patch cord. Could you elaborate?
  4. Wow. Good to know. I saw those standards online but ignored them because the Amcrest tech I spoke to said it did matter. I will give this a go once I get back from my work trips. Thanks for info.
  5. Neither. I went BR,BR/W,G,G/W,B,B/W,O,O/W on both ends. I was under the impression that all the cables were the same, regardless of color. So I just kept the color pairs together and made the other end match. Am I incorrect for thinking this?
  6. I've been re-terminating persistently with little to no luck. Could I be crimping to hard? Not hard enough? Do i need to buy better connectors? The network testers just has 9 lights on it (1 thru 8 and G which I'm assuming means ground?) and when I plug both ends into the tester, I gets light moving down 1 thru 8. simultaneously.
  7. Hello All! I recently, also blindly, pieced together a security system from Amcrest via Amazon for my mother who will be retiring next year. I bought (4) IP4M-1055EB dome cameras and an NV2108E NVR, along with a 4TB security hard drive, a cheap crimping kit and 1000' of Cat6 direct burial cables. I bought Amcrest on recommendation from a co-worker. He's shown me his live view from his phone and desktop and showed of some of the feature, though his is cloud based. Sounded pretty simple but it is my first time DIYing a security system. I have some electrical experience so running the lines and such will be easy but crimping on the connectors, knowing whether the materials i bought are quality or not, troubleshooting and so-on are new to me. Is there any advice you guys would be able to spare for this newbie? Any bit helps. Thanks, YeeWin