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  1. After restore and reboot my DVR I get "This is the default MAC will stop cloud service". What does this mean? My problem is no video display from any of my 4 bullet cameras which show red LEDs at night with or without the hard drive connected.
  2. Am not getting any video only black screen display from my 4 bullet cameras which have illuminated red LEDs at night. This is the situation with a new power supply unit as the old one failed after 2years continuous use. The DVR is a kare H 264 type and gives no video with the hard drive disconnected. Any advice will be appreciated.
  3. I am a novice but all I have connected seems to be power supply,cameras,mouse and monitor screen. Not connected to a pc or linked remotely to my smart phone. The cameras all show red LEDs at night time.
  4. My kare DVR system with 4 bullet cameras gave a black screen only after 30 months continuous use when the power adapter failed and with a new replacement. After attempt to reboot get "MAC conflict. This is the default MAC will stop cloud service.MAC:00:0b:3f:00:00:01" Disconnected hard drive made no difference. Advice on solution will be appreciated.