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  1. This heap is driving me nuts. This is the only information i can find on this garbage dvr-sin-ahd-16ch I can get it to give me a qr code that gives me a long alpha numeric string 8c748716c6814a6298149778 But it does not tell me what to do with it. There is no real way od determining who makes this thing. On boot it says hd idvr. Log in prompt is this one https://i.ytimg.com/vi/9WUMUK8Uov0/maxresdefault.jpg Beyond that i got nothing. I have been googling this for months sense a ex admin got mad and set a random password on it with random recovery information. I have tried the password gen tools for dvrs with similar log in screens etc and get nothing One last thing on multiple incorrect log ins it does toss up a key of 98149778 account has been locked 98149778 Im really not looking to buy a new generic chinese dvr because of no way of resetting the password. Ass for contacting the manufacture i can not find out any thing about it as to who even makes this thing.