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  1. SteveROntario

    Upgrading or replacing fibre/coax system

    Hi. Going from coax to cat cable will have nothing to do with bandwidth as the cables should be home run.... no need for IT guys. What are the distances of your cables ? Coax to eithernet is not cheap plus you need one at both ends then you have the cost of new ip camera. 2x coax converts plus say a 4mp ip camera ...... is expensive 1 HD 4mp camera connected to existing coax...... is only cost of camera Using existing cables is a good option but only if your going to use it as it is. If you want to go full ip system again it will save you $100s in coax converters if you just run 16 new cat cable runs. That way you also save a lot of money and you have complete new start to finish What is your budget ? The budget will be developed later, I am just on an exploratory mission at this time. My labour rates are high so that is why I want to keep existing cable where it pays to do so. The fibre runs are up to about 1 km. The coax seems to be anywhere between 10 meters and 125 meters BUT they can consist of a 1 km fibre in the middle by use of the Interlogix equipment. Some of the literature at the Avigilon website indicates that you need IP cameras to get full functionality. I do not want some crazy system where only some features work on some equipment. That makes the guy who installed it look really bad when they can't figure out what features are supposed to be working and the features you want aren't available for the investigation.
  2. SteveROntario

    Upgrading or replacing fibre/coax system

    Thank you for the suggestion but Vivako does not appear to have the physical presence in Canada that I would require. The equipment would also require appropriate electrical approvals such as cULus or ULC, etc. for use in Canada and this is not verifiable.
  3. SteveROntario

    Upgrading or replacing fibre/coax system

    This is for an industrial establishment. There are multiple uses such as watching rail cars, chimneys, people, etc. The existing system essentially has two main coax "hubs" and we use fibre to link the hubs. It looks to me like we would only keep the coax for about 1/2 of the cameras. The other cameras are clumped together and would be economical to convert directly to copper Ethernet if the IT people have the bandwidth. I am aware of the analogue HD and hybrid DVRs but I don't think I want to go that route. I got some pricing on the Coax Ethernet gear and it's about the same price as good quality conventional gear. I had a look at the Avigilon website briefly and it's interesting to see that they are from BC. BC has a decent electronics sector but Canadian's don't seem to talk about it too much. Will look at the other websites tomorrow at work. Cheers, Steve
  4. SteveROntario

    Upgrading or replacing fibre/coax system

    Alright, it seems like I'll be able to get away from going with a hybrid analogue DVR. My talks with salespeople were more confusing than anything but it's all coming together now. Based on the comments I had another look at the Interlogix (was GE) website and they have a rack mount coax/copper/fibre Ethernet switch and camera-end coax to copper Ethernet adapters. This seems like a pretty cool system as it would allow me to have my own camera LAN and pretty much avoid the other LANs in operation. OT Systems also seems to make something like this and it appears that there are others too so I just need to find stuff that is approved for use in Canada. Now I'll have to get out in the field and see what we've got for cameras and mounts.
  5. Hi all, I have inherited a professional 12+ camera system at work which uses GE "traditional" analogue coax/Fibre transmission equipment and Panasonic DVRs/joysticks. This system works but there have been requests to upgrade it due to its low resolution and general age of equipment. We have a large facility so the existing coax (UTC Controls) and fibre runs are way way longer than Copper Ethernet is capable of. Is it possible and/or advisable to use any of the existing fibre and coax if I upgrade to an IP system? The cameras, DVRs, GE Racks, etc. are all end of life so I wouldn't be keeping any of that stuff working with the new gear. Lastly, are there any systems that combine analytics, camera control, and proximity card access all together? I worked at a place with a Matrix Frontier system for access control but I never got a chance to see if it ran the cameras too. Thanks, Steve