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  1. After googling it looks quite like something that really could work out Do you have any in mind you'd think would be best?
  2. Hello there A friend bought two PTZ Cameras to have an overview of his tree rope parc, so they can easily check if their customers are doing well or not. While discussing on where he'd like to install the cameras, we decided that it'd be best to have quite some mobility with the cameras, as the courses may change quite a lot over the next few years. Therefore we'd be thinking of a way to make the PTZ cameras connect wirelessly with the DVR, so that we don't have to put fixed cables. I couldn't find any Model oder brand name on the camera, so here is a picture of the camera and one of the cables as for the DVR we have a DVR of the model: A8608NH Does anyone have an idea if there are some kind of adapter, so that we could make a wireless connection, so that we also still can control the camera? Or do you think it's possible to make such a device on my own with e.g. some raspberry pies? kind regards
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    Hi there I've recently been asked by a friend, if I could help him out installing two outdoor PTZ cameras in his area. Although I didn't have any knowlegde about cameras at all, I tried to help. The more I got into it, the more I thought it was very interesting. But now we have a problem, because of some distances - especially with cables. That's why I'm looking for help, if and how it would be possible to transmit the signals wirelessly.. But first I'll look around a little in the forum Kind regards