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  1. Hello, I have a Spyclops spy-domeg4n124 analog dome camera that monitors our front driveway. Live in Arizona where daylight begins around 5:30am and dusk at around 7pm. 5-6 hours after it switches into night mode, the camera begins to get fuzzy, have video distortion then goes black. It stays that way until around 9-9:30am the next day then comes on into day full color mode (same generation cycle each day). I have checked the power supply (during day and night modes) -showing 12vdc +/- 5amps (more than enough to power even when IR's are active). Camera only requires 700ma to operate the IR's. Power is only 20ft from the camera and the DVR is around 40ft. Other than possibly (probably) a faulty camera, anyone have any ideas? Thank you for the time.