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  1. Hi All, I'm in the same bind as many others in this thread. I've got a 'Kare' DVR and I've lost my admin password. So far I have tried the following things, all to no avail: 1 - Tried 5x different password calculator tools. 3x from https://learncctv.com/how-to-reset-h-264-network-dvr/ and 2x from the thread mentioned here. None work! 2 - Tried removing the battery and leaving the device unplugged from all cables, to drain down, to reset clock. Didn't work. Tried multiple times, with up to 10 minutes waiting. 3 - Tried Applying new firmware image via USB. Refused to boot from two different USB Sticks 4 - Telnet or SSH ports not open. I only have HTTP, IMAP and Pop3 Screenshots from device attached. Does anyone know what else I can try?