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  1. That's interesting. It's true that Asterisk is not an option in the drop down menu in that firmware, but I just set mine to 'VTO' and it connects without any problem to my RasPBX box. That's why I've assumed that this setting is irrelevant to the VTO as a SIP client.
  2. Oh ok, yes I thought that chuest login had stopped working, but no its still does work! General_VTOXXX_Eng_P_16M_SIP_V4.000.0000000.5.R.20181030.bin is what I'm using. The other bin files are just subsets of that main file (e.g. to only update the language if you have that same firmware in another language installed, I assume).
  3. The only downside you using this in the SIP mode as opposed to the standard VTO-to-VTH mode is that it doesn't then notify the app (iDMSS Plus) when there's a call. Unless it does and I just haven't found a way to do it yet?
  4. You beat me to the reply, but I would just add that I use PJSIP as it's now the default on RasPBX and everything works as I'd expect it to. I wonder, why have they gone back to the V3,x branch if this is a newer build of firmware?! What's wrong with the "WEB SERVICE2.0" interface. I think it's much better, particularly the fact that you can see the video feed without using Internet Explorer!
  5. @hsmptg So first of all. How do you get a login to that Dahua firmware site?! Next: Blank web UI pages - you need to delete your browser cached data after a firmware update. Villa Call Number: Yes this is the number dialled when you press the main call button in the VTO2000A. You will have to either create an extension or call group number in FreePBX to match this, or simply change this number to whatever you want to dial. Local or Extense: Not entirely sure, but I think this referrers to either the in-built relay, or the "external" (is extense even a word?!) RS485 module. Server Type: I always set mine to Asterisk for FreePBX, but actually on the most recent Firmware I have, Asterisk is not even an option, so I had to choose VTO. I don't think is matters, because perhaps it is only if you have "Server Enabled", which since we using this VTO as a SIP "CLIENT", then it's irrelevant. As for the last username and password (and domain possibly), this is also only relevant for the device if it's acting as a SIP server, not as a client.
  6. Yes probably. Tbh I can also use wget -O snapshot.jpg http://admin:password@<IP>/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi
  7. Wow. that command actually works and I get a jpeg instantly. It didn't used to work at all with the old firmware for me. Problem is that, as with the unlock, it needs Digest HTTP Authentication, so it's difficult to do for me from a script command.
  8. @SirUli since you're the king of the URL commands... I can get RTSP streams from the panel using: rtsp://admin:password@cameraIP/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0 for the main stream and rtsp://admin:password@cameraIP/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=1 for the substream, but how can I get a still JPEG. Thanks.
  9. Amazing! Annoying that you have to wait for a reboot when switching modes, but hey ho. In the Room Number Management, do I need to include the #0 after the extension/group number that I want to add (as 9901 has it listed as 9901#0)? Btw, I didn't even know that the DEE1010B was a thing! Can you cascade them on the RS485 bus to get more than one extra channel (channel 3, 4, 5, etc.)? Thanks once again both @jartashi and @SirUli.
  10. Brilliant! Now I can unlock again! Unfortunately, I can't seem to see where to set the number that the VTO calls once I change to "Small Appartment" mode. It will only call 9901. Still can't find an unlock button in the web UI though. Does anyone know a cgi.bin? command that I can send to the VTO on port 80 to fire an unlock? EDIT: I can see 9901 as the button label in the "Facade Layout", but clicking on that only pops up a blank Room List dialog. I can't add any rooms to the Room List though.
  11. Does anyone know how to add and configure the additional modules in the new V4.x SIP firmware. In the V3.x firmware, I could add a keypad module and set the layout to have it below the camera module. There is no layout section that I can find in V4.x. Also, the unlock code (which I assume is the "First Unlock Command" under Local Setting->Access Control->Local) won't work from the keypad module now (entering eg #123#). There is also no unlock button in the web interface that I can find (it used to be under the video window). Basically, how can I unlock now?!
  12. I have a card reader connected to the VTO2000A-C, specifically the VTO2000A-R. Do I have to update the slave firmware? That MCU update for "slave devices" specifically only lists the separate call button (1, 3 & 5 button) modules in the accompanying notes. There's no reference to the VTO2000A-R, so I wouldn't try and use it the re-flash the MCU on your RFID reader module, even if we knew how to do it!
  13. Thanks! Where are you getting these files from?! Is there an official source for firmware updates for the VTO line?
  14. Hmm... ...mine's reporting '2016-03-21 V3' 1) Where can I download the latest MCU file? 2) Should I risk updating it if we have no idea what's changed? - "If it ain't broke..."
  15. Perfect, well, good enough for me anyway. Since the internal screens can be heard ringing, from outside the front door, I don't need to replace the Chinese schoolgirl "calling now" with a "Ding Dong" sound really. I could activate the 'Ringback Sound' if needed though, which presumably I'd have some control over with the asterisk dialtone settings?
  16. Do I have to use this instead of configtool for it to work? If so, it's asking me to choose "Main Program" or "MCU Program", which is it?
  17. Is that by using the new version 4.000 firmware? How do you update to that? When I try to load it using config tool, I just get the message "Failed to start upgrading".
  18. Aagh! This is big news. Where did you find that info? I've been through this whole thread and just on the point where I am trying to modify the firmware to change the less-than-desirable "Calling Now" sound, only to discover that it will be impossible! Do you know what's the most recent SIP firmware that I can use that will allow this customisation, and where I can obtain it? Also, what features might I lose from the latest firmware by downgrading to this older version?