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  1. Hi Everyone, I just joined the forum. I'm looking for information for a surveillance system for my home. I'll be doing the full install/configuration myself since I've already created a hard-wired Gigabit network throughout my house (my background is computer science and I know how to do all of this wiring myself). I want to buy an NVR and use PoIP cameras throughout. I have been poking around the forum and I was hoping to find information comparing the various NVR companies and also cameras. A friend highly suggested that I buy a Hikvision NVR. I was very close to buying their DS-7608NI-I2/8P and put a WD 4TB Purple drive in it. I then found out that Hikvision is actually owned by the Chinese government. I don't mind buying products made in other countries but when the government owns the company I start to doubt the integrity. In the end I may still buy one but I'd like to explore other brands. Maybe there's a better company out there for not too much more money. I'd like for the NVR to either have built-in powered Ethernet ports or I could just buy a router with powered ports. I'd also like for it to have a good interface with the ability for me to remotely access the cameras. So on to my introductory questions: Any good introduction to surveillance systems documents I should read? Any opinions on Hikvision or other brands? Are there any American companies making NVRs? Any good tutorials on camera selection I should read? Any questions I should have asked that I didn't? Thanks in advance for any input! Larry.