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  1. Hi I was wondering where I could purchase a Replacement remote for Wisenet XR-1610s NVR in the UK? The model number on the remote is EP10-000331A When googling it, a few come up with Samsung printed on the remote, my remote doesn't say Samsung...and the compatibility list doesn't show my recorder.....
  2. Hi We have a hanwha nvr, and the router its connected to, is linked to a debit card machine. The debit card provider has picked up on a scan of the ip that the nvr needs updating to be compatible with the latest light tpd & php. Does anybody know how we do this?
  3. Hi We have a hanwa ip cctv system and the cameras can play live audio. Just wondering does anybody know how to record and playback audio?
  4. Hi. No that is not the case .... since the ports on your recorder can be set to anything .so how would o2 know what port to block. After connecting not one or two cctv to 02 but well over a 1000 I know 02 EE. VODA don’t block ports. Your installer ... is he a company or just a friend Your home internet ... who is it with and how are you keeping the IP address static It seems to work with a VPN when not on wifi which is very strange but not without VPN. I called O2 customer service and they are the ones that said some CCTV doesnt work on O2... The installer is a company and friend... Any other ports that could try?
  5. Yes everything the same. After doing some research, it's O2. They block the ports that cctv use so the only way around it is using a vpn!
  6. Exactly the same applicatio - Wisenet mobile app.. Only difference is, he has a samsung, i had a htc one m9 but then change to the latest one plus 6 phone as it didnt work on htc. His network is EE mine is o2.
  7. Then get shut of your installer If it works on others it will work on yours. Has your installer given you recorder admin ? Yep he has, still doesnt work
  8. I will have a look, however it works on my installers mobile. Which is strange as to why it doesnt work on mine...
  9. Hi MY installer installed a Samsung CCTV NVR, the brand begins with H I cant remember exactly the name of it. We are using wisenet mobile app to view it on our phones, but it only seems to work when on the network, when we are off wifi it doesnt show the cctv, however it seems to recognise the different camera names he setup for each camera... The funny thing is it works on his samsung android phone but didnt work on my htc android or my wifes new honor android phone, so he said i need a new phone...which i have bought, but still no joy! I have the new one plus 6 android phone on o2... Any reason why it would work for him and not us? I have got someone to login to our cameras from their laptop and it works at their house...but doesnt work on our phones....