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  1. Where have you located this new version? could you pass the download link, please?
  2. I've tried it with SmartPSS and it does not work.
  3. Hello, do you know what the "Active Reg." Option is for? within the "Network Setting" tab? You have 3 options: IP Address: ________ Port: __________ Device ID: ___________
  4. By the way, with the old SIP firmware, you could not read RFID cards with the VTO2000A-R module, now with the new SIP, yes i can !!!
  5. I have a card reader connected to the VTO2000A-C, specifically the VTO2000A-R. Do I have to update the slave firmware?
  6. In the firmware 4.0, there is the possibility to deactivate all audio messages and activate a "Ring, Ring, Ring..." type sound when making the call from the VTO. This at least is better than having to listen to the messages in pseudo English.
  7. Do I have to use this instead of configtool for it to work? If so, it's asking me to choose "Main Program" or "MCU Program", which is it? I have used "Main Program"
  8. Is that by using the new version 4.000 firmware? How do you update to that? When I try to load it using config tool, I just get the message "Failed to start upgrading". Hello, i have downloaded version 4.0, according to the indications of RioGrande75, and I have updated using the VDPconfig application that comes within the ToolBox package of the Dahua tools. VDPconfig is simple, you just have to automatically search for the devices that are connected to the network, specifying the user and administration password, and then, once you have found it and it is initialized, you can access "Upgrade" and select the firmware file 4.0, finally click on "Upgrade", and that's it.
  9. Can the update of version 4.0 on the 3.0 be made through TFTP? or do we have to do it in another way?
  10. Thanks riogrande. I have seen that at least the sound messages can be deactivated.
  11. Hello, I have seen out there, on the web, that there is a new SIP version of the VTO2000A, the 4.0, which allows you to modify audio messages with whatever you want. This is so? regards
  12. please, how can I go back to the previous firmware?
  13. In that tab there are only 2 options: Auto Snapshot (on / off and default = off) Leave Message Upload (on / off and default = off) I've changed them to on and it does not change anything
  14. will it not be "VTO Beep Volume" to 0? In that case, the messages are not heard, but neither is the conversation of who is answering the call. This would not help me.